My offer

1. Fractional CPO 

Are you struggling to launch that new product or feature and gain real traction from customers? Your product and tech teams are not as efficient as you’d like to? You’re wondering how to organize your teams, enhance the product culture and have a more effective process? Struggling to choose the next product priorities? 

As a fractional CPO and I take full responsibility of the product advancement and teams to help solve the blockers fast and help to hire the next leader with clear expectations on what type of leader is needed and what their impact will be.

Some examples:

  • Audit the product, organisation and process
  • Define product strategy and drive strategic leadership alignment conversations
  • Build a vision and an inspiring story, and translate it into actionable direction for product and tech teams
  • Set up world-class product teams from the ground up; coach existing product teams
  • Establish effective product discovery & delivery processes

2. Product leadership coach

As a product leader, you have a huge influence on the growth of your company. Despite you being passionate about it, it can also be stressful and lonely. I’ve been there and I want to help.

The coaching sessions are designed to take your product, business and leadership skills to the next level, accelerate your career and build a more fulfilling life. Coaching is “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.” International Coaching Federation.  So, I will not tell you what I would do, but I will help you get to the root of your challenges and help you define what you should do. I help by understanding your unique skills and strengths, defining your ‘raison d’etre’, overcoming mental barriers, unlocking leadership potential and making a lasting impact.

The sessions are tailored to your needs and focused on your objectives and we work on getting you to achieve your biggest ambitions while staying true to your values and feeling fulfilled.

Areas of focus:

  • Growing to a leadership position
  • How to be an influential C-level exec 
  • Connecting with your values and your leadership style
  • Developing self-awareness and processing feedback
  • Gaining confidence and overcoming impostor phenomenon
  • Dealing with change and high stake decisions 
  • Improving strategy and process
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Team and organizational design and dynamics
  • Hiring, coaching, and mentoring others
  • Building a healthy culture

3. Product teams assessment + coaching

I enable product teams to set and achieve outcome goals, improve discovery & delivery practices and build trust and engagement with stakeholders


4. Lean experiments specialist

 I help you make the right product bets and minimize the time to learning and to business value for your product ideas. I drive the right conversations, facilitate workshops and prioritize ruthlessly the ideas to test and how to test them fast and effectively.




If you want to experience an advisory or a coaching session and walk away with new insights, feel free to book a slot here or by contacting me on Linkedin.